Bella's eMate rocks!

Obsessed with old hardware...

Published Saturday, May 13, 2006
By William

I bought IsaBella an Aplpe eMate 300 so she could have her own 'laptop' computer. It's a cool little machine - just her size - made by Apple in 1997. I've found that it is way better than some Barbie toy computer to start her out with.

She loves the pen and typing, and has gotten very good at drawing with the built in drawing program. Being pen based, she can draw right on the screen and not have to work a mouse and click on things.

I have also gotten it to connect to the internet with a WiFi card and I can send email on it. I picked up a cheap fax modem and can send and receive faxes (this is how I can print IsaBella's drawings). There are tons of application packages available at the "United Network of Newton Archives" that can be found at I've tried web browsing with it, but it doesn't really have the power to with the browsers I tried.

It's a great little hobby machine for me and a great learning tool for IsaBella. 

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